Heavy metal & music addict. New Jersey born & bred. Vocalist of Deadtide--"The new wave in melodic death metal bands. Literally." Deadtide is from the NY (NYC-area), United States. Mike is also a YouTube heavy metal riffs guitar video veteran, along with ChromeCelica00, his friend and bandmate. Also loves playing guitar, women (METAL CHICKS), marketing, advertising, SEO, social media, watching horror movies, snowboarding, surfing, digital photography, gaming (Xbox 360 & FPS's especially), and a ton of other stuff!

For more about me and to connect with me across the social web, check out the things I do and the bands I listen to!

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Here's my most recent post on YouTube—a nice mix of metal & horror—The HALLOWEEN Theme Song Metal Version!

I post and re-blog anything related to heavy metal, horror, rock, other music, photography, and stuff that's funny.
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